"Hi I'm Rico and I Love Magic"

"Hi I'm Rico and I Love Magic"


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Hey! My name is Rico. I’m a Dutch magician with a big love for magic.

Do you remember the time when you were a kid? A time where nothing seemed impossible. A time where everything seemed magical and even flipping the light switch was a moment of pure magic. A time where everything in the world was magical. What a wonderful time! Sadly enough most of us started to see less and less magic in the world. We started to see the world from a logical point of view.

But, I have a secret for you, the magic that we used to see is still there, we just forgot how to see it.

That is where I come into the picture. It is my intention to show you how to find this magic again. Even if it is only for a few minutes. To take you back to that childlike feeling of wonder. That place where nothing seemed impossible. I want to do this with one of things that I love most in the world,  a deck of cards. The cards are not there to show you one of the cliché card tricks that you’ve seen many times before. The cards are there as a vehicle to give you a truly magical experience. They are the catalyst of the magic, the only thing left is for you to see it.


What I Offer

  • *Private (Walk around)
  • *The Show
  • *The Parlor


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